Sliced shoulder ham

KR Castlemaine 4×4 Sliced Shoulder Ham 2.5kg x 4

The convenient shape means it is perfect for sandwiches.

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Shredded Ham

KR Castlemaine Shredded Ham 2.5kg x 2

Pork meat cuts are blended with choice spices for a robust ham flavour.

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Shaved premium leg ham

KR Castlemaine Shaved Premium Leg Ham 1kg x 4

Specially packed with a lightly smoked flavour.

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Shaved shoulder ham

KR Castlemaine Shaved Shoulder Ham 1kg x 4

Thinly shaved into a 1kg packet.

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Shaved honey ham

KR Castlemaine Shaved Honey Ham 1kg x 4

Mixed with real honey and then thinly shaved.

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Sliced Virginian Ham

KR Castlemaine Sliced Virginian Ham 1kg x 4

Pork meat cuts are blended, flavour is added through gentle cooking.

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Soccerball Leg Ham

KR Castlemaine Soccerball Leg Ham Half 3.5kg x 4

Traditionally smoked for maximum flavour.

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Easy cut Leg Ham

KR Castlemaine Easy Cut Leg Ham 8kg x 1

Netted into shape, then cured, smoked and cooked.

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Champagne Ham Rindless

KR Castlemaine Champagne Ham Rindless Half 3kg x 4

Selected rindless leg cuts are cured with a tradtitional brine then netted for smoking and cooking.

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