Wattle Flat ham

KR Castlemaine Wattle Flat Ham Half 3kg x 4

Well rounded flavour profile and a mild smoke note.

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4x4 shoulder ham

KR Castlemaine Ham 4×4 Shoulder 3.9kg x 4

Delivering a size perfect for sandwiches.

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Virginian ham half

KR Castlemaine Boneless Virginian Ham Half 3kg x 4

Flavour is added through gentle cooking and natural smoking.

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Hawaiian ham steak

KR Castlemaine Hawaiian Ham Steak 3.5kg x 4

Pork leg cuts are moulded into a round plastic casing.

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Everyday Ham Virginian

KR Castlemaine Everyday Ham Virginian Half 3kg x 4

Naturally wood smoked ham which is 97% fat free and has a mild flavour profile.

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Everyday ham

KR Castlemaine Everyday Ham Champagne Half 3.5kg x 4

Traditional ham with a 97% fat free profile and a wood smoked flavour.

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Everyday ham

KR Castlemaine Everyday Ham Soccerball Half 3.5kg x 4

Choice leg cuts are cured and formed into a soccer ball shape.

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Leg ham sliced

Watsonia Adelphi Leg Ham Sliced 1.5kg x 4

Adelphi slice ham delivers a well rounded flavour and sliced for convenience.

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Sliced English Leg Ham

DON® Sliced English Leg Ham 1kg x 8

A true ham favourite made with prime leg meat.

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