Salami and Continentals


KR Castlemaine Cabanossi 3kg x 2

Mixed with traditional spices, including black pepper and smoked.

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Ottowurth Chorizo Pairs 2.5kg

Cominy from Spain, this hot and spicy sausage is made from pork & beef.

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Chilli cheese kransky

DON® Wat Chilli Cheese Kransky 2.5kg x 2

Blended together with spices and chillies to give an unique hot flavour.

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Melosi Mortadella 7kg x 2

Made from selected pork and beefs cuts which are ground to a very fine mince, then cooked.

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Cheese Kranksy

Ottowurth Cheese Kranksy 2.5kg x 2

Real cheese is added to the blend, followed by a light smoke during the cooking process.

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KR Castlemaine Saveloys 5kg x 1

The product is lightly smoked, giving a robust flavour.

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DON® Strasburg 2kg x 4

Originally from Germany, this popular sausage is made from finely minced pork and beef.

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DON® Kabana 4kg x 2

Kabana is a favourite served with chesses and dried fruit.

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Hungarian hot salami

DON® Salami Hungarian Hot 1.4kg x 4

Paprika and hot chillies along with a light smoking provide a very delicate texture but a fiery flavour.

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