Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict with DON® Ham off-the-bone and asparagus.

DON® Ham off-the-bone is the perfect complement to soft poached eggs, crunchy asparagus and the decadent delights of hollandaise sauce.

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DON® White Hungarian Salami pasta bake

A delicious traditional pasta bake with the full flavour of DON® White Hungarian Salami to give it a little lift.

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DON® pea & ham soup

Serve it up with crusty white bread spread generously with real butter and your family will love you forever.

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DON® Four Pepper Salami & burnt sage butter gnocchi

Gnocchi is always a winner in winter.

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DON® Prosciutto and chorizo paella

The Spanish are renowned for their passion, their picadors and of course their peerless paella.

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Antipasti goats cheese tartlets

DON® Salami antipasti goats cheese tartlets

This will surely replace the humble meat pie with the great marriage of puff pastry and salami.

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Salami & bean salad

DON® Hungarian Salami & bean salad

DON® White Hungarian Salami combined with the fabulous fresh textures of beans, fetta and cos.

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